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Paris Transportation

Getting Around Paris

Arriving in the centre of Paris is simple, with several transportation methods enabling swift and effortless entry to the bustling inner core. Exploring the capital on foot is one of the many joys of visiting this breathtaking metropolis. However, the city’s sprawling area makes reaching certain quarters more difficult on foot; therefore several alternatives are available for whisking you from one corner of Paris to the next. Paris transportation options include buses, bikes, scooters, Segway and the metro. We, at, have assembled an overview of each for your convenience.

Charles de Gaulle Airport to the City Centre (Gare du Nord)

Charles de Gaulle - Gare du Nord Transportation Options

Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG), otherwise known as Paris Roissy, is the larger of the city’s two main airports and one of Europe’s busiest passenger terminals. The following options are available for accessing Paris’s core from the airport with as little stress as possible.

Train (RER B):

Perhaps the quickest and cheapest way to reach the capital’s centre is through Paris’s excellent rail system. Tickets can be purchased at the blue ticket machines or from the ticket office and trains run regularly between 04.46 and 23.56.

  • Travel time from CDG to Gare du Nord is approximately 35 minutes.
  • Tickets cost 10 Euros for a single adult fare.


Taxis are available at all three terminals, offering easy access for visitors arriving in the early hours or with lots of luggage.

  • Travel time from CDG to Gare du Nord is approximately 35 minutes.
  • Prices range between 40 and 50 Euros depending on the time of travel and levels of congestion.


One of the most popular public transport options is the Roissybus, which departs every 15 minutes and operates every day between 06.00 and 23.00.

  • The bus runs from CDG to Paris Opera (9th arrondissement), which takes up to an hour.
  • Tickets cost 11 Euros for a single adult fare.

Orly Airport to the City Centre (Gare du Nord)

Orly Airport - Gare du Nord Transportation Options

Paris’s ‘other’ airport allows equally simple admission to the city centre, with the following options detailing the most convenient methods of accessing Gare du Nord.

Train (RER B):

The capital’s efficient railway link can be reached via a short metro ride to Anthony Station. Trains run between 06.00 and 23.00 and depart every 4 to 7 minutes.

  • Travel time from Orly to Gare du Nord is approximately 45 minutes.
  • Tickets cost 12 Euros for a single adult fare.


The most stress-free, albeit most expensive method, is to take a taxi from the airport to the city centre.

  • Travel time from Orly Airport to Gare du Nord is approximately 40 minutes.
  • Prices range between 40 and 50 Euros depending on the time of travel and levels of congestion.

Paris by Bus

Paris Bus Transportation

Traversing the capital by bus offers a more scenic alternative to the metro, allowing you to absorb the sights and sounds of the city whilst you travel. With almost 60 lines operating throughout Paris, access to all four corners of the metropolis is at your fingertips. Buses generally run between 5.30 and midnight, although an excellent night bus system (Noctilien) was established in 2006 to allow easy access back to your apartment after partying until the early hours.

Metro tickets can be used on any bus line, allowing you to transfer between different buses within the 90 minute allocation. Tickets can also be bought directly on the bus, although the cost is slightly higher and you cannot transfer it to another route. The majority of bus stops are equipped with detailed system maps, route plans and timetables.

Paris by Metro

Paris Metro

Regarded as one of Europe’s busiest subway systems, the Paris Metro comprises of over 300 stations and 16 lines. Travelling across the capital via this transportation method is fast and efficient, with trains departing every few minutes between 5.30 and 01.00, which extends an hour later on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Metro maps are available free of charge from any metro information office, highly recommended for getting to grips with the layout of the underground system. Tickets can be purchased from the machines at each station. Visitors wishing to take full advantage of the metro should consider buying a zone 1-2 carnet, which includes 10 single use tickets and costs just under 13 Euros. For more information regarding metro tickets, please visit

Paris by Bike or Scooter

Paris by Bike

Discovering the city by bicycle is arguably the most rewarding option available, which grants a healthy, affordable, swift and exhilarating alternative to public transport. In 2007, the council launched the world’s largest bike sharing scheme, Velib, which boasts over 20,000 bikes and 1,800 stations scattered across the capital. A one day ticket costs less than 2 Euros and the first 30 minutes of each trip is completely free of charge. For more information regarding this impressive service, please visit

Scooter Rentals

Exploring Paris by scooter is also on option for experienced drivers who can handle the city’s notoriously chaotic traffic. The following rental companies come highly regarded for their excellent service, rates and fantastic tours: and


Paris by Segway

Explore Paris by Segway

Undoubtedly the most fun way of getting around the capital is by Segway, an environmentally friendly mode of transport sure to leave a lasting impression. Segway tours are as popular in Paris as they are in any other European city, with several companies offering excursions throughout the metropolis, generally lasting about three hours.

Paris Segway Operators: