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Paris Parking

Parking your car in Paris

As with any major city, navigating Paris by car can be difficult and often requires plenty of patience. Its narrow passageways, throngs of tourists and frenzied traffic make driving a less than pleasant experience, with the excellent public transport system supplying a much more relaxed approach to discovering the sights.

Parking space on the street is notoriously limited, particularly amidst the capital’s central areas, and is generally only available for a maximum of two hours. Costs can be high too, although parking is usually free after 7pm and on Sundays. Coins cannot be used in the machines; instead you must purchase a ‘Paris Carte’ at local tobacco shops in order to pay for your space.

Visitors wishing to park for longer intervals should consider using a secure parking garage. You would expect to pay around 20/25 euros per day within the central core, although several facilities offer discounted rates for extended stays. Booking online in advance will certainly reduce your stress levels, with the following websites providing simple solutions for storing your car throughout your stay:

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