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11th Arrondissement apartments

Paris La Bastille apartments in the 11th Arrondissement

Paris’ 11th arrondissement – La Bastille district is a popular area of the city and one which is bursting with an array of must see sights and attractions, including the famous Place de la Bastille, the charming Edith Piaf Museum and the incredible Père Lachaise Cemetery.  Below you will find our most popular La Bastille apartments, which come in a range of sizes and budgets to suit your needs, and a link to all apartments in the 11th arrondissement.

Most popular La Bastille apartments

La Bastille Tips

Transportation to La Bastille

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport station:

  • Take the RER B train to Chatelet-Les Halles station – these trains depart every 10-20 minutes from 5:26am to just after midnight and have an approximate journey time of 28 minutes.  Once you reach Chatelet-Les Halles, you then take the RER A train to Nation Station (an approximate journey time of just 5 minutes).  From here you can then take metro lines 2 or 9 to many of the metro stations which can be found within La Bastille district. Total travel time up to 50 minutes.

From Orly airport station:

  • Take the fast service train to Antony station – these trains depart every 4-7 minutes from just before 6am to 11pm and have an approximate journey time of just 6 minutes.  Next take the RER B train to Chatelet-Les Halles (an approximate journey time of 28 minutes).  From here you then take the RER A train to Nation Station, where metro lines 2 and 9 connect you to several of the metro stations within La Bastille district. Total travel time up to 50 minutes.

From Gare Du Nord train station:

  • Take the twenty minute RER B train ride to Chatelet-Les Halles station and then a short 5 minute RER A train journey to Nation Station.  From here, metro lines 2 or 9 can be used to access a number of metro stations within La Bastille district. Total travel time up to 35 minutes.

More information relating to routes and timetables can be found at

La Bastille Parking

Nearby parking options available are:

  • Ledru Rollin Parking SA, 121 Avenue Ledru Rollin – 800m from Place de la Bastille
  • Parking Garage du Faubourg, 33 Rue de Reuilly – 700m from Nation train/metro station
  • Parking Q-Park Paris Opéra Bastille, 34 Rue de Lyon – 400m from Bastille Opera
  • Parking Ibis Bastille Opéra, 10 Rue Froment – 600m from Place de la Bastille
  • Zenpark Bastille, 33 Rue de la Roquette – 400m from Place de la Bastille and 550m from Bastille Opera

Please be sure to check Google Maps for more information about parking options and car free zones.

La Bastille tips for food

A fine collection of food stores noted here can be found within easy reach of many of our La Bastille apartments, providing an array of both local and international produce.   If you prefer to take a break from dining within our self-catering apartments, we have also created a list of hugely popular restaurants which are situated within the area.

La Bastille food stores:

  • Franprix, 240 Boulevard Voltaire
  • Supermarché G20, 15 Passage Thiéré
  • Dia, 39-43 Avenue Parmentier
  • Monoprix, 9 Rue de la Roquette

La Bastille restaurant tips:

  • Le Sixieme Sens, 43 Rue de la Roquette – offering an intimate, authentically French dining experience
  • Bespoke, 3 Rue Oberkampf – an American restaurant which also serves highly recommended Tapas dishes
  • East Side Burgers, 60 Boulevard Voltaire – a vegetarian alternative to classic burgers
  • Amici Miei, 44 Rue Saint Sabin – fantastic Italian food
  • Kushikatsu Bon, 24 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud – mouth-watering Japanese cuisine

La Bastille tips for drinks

  • Le Baron Rouge, 1 Rue Théophile Roussel – a popular wine bar with a fantastic selection of house wines
  • Les Disquaires, 4-6 Rue des Taillandiers – boasting an array of different cocktails and live music
  • Le cafe des chats – Bastille, 9 Rue Sedaine – a friendly café, ideal for cat lovers
  • The Green Goose, 19 Rue des Boulets – a cute little Irish pub not far from Nation train/metro station
  • Vegalia Juice, 106 Rue Amelot – highly recommended juice bar for a healthy drinks alternative

11th Arrondissement – La Bastille

The 11th arrondissement is situated in the very heart of the city centre immediately to the east of the central islands in the Seine. The area has become one of the chicest neighbourhoods in Paris sporting some extremely trendy cafes, restaurants, shopping opportunities, galleries and nightlife. To the west you will find the Place de la République with its giant Egyptian obelisk standing proud. Meanwhile the beautiful tree-lined Boulevard Richard-Lenoir travels easterly across the district and is famous for its large markets and a handful of children’s parks.

11th Arrondissement – La Bastille highlights

The district played a vital role in French history since it was the site of the infamous Bastille state prison which was stormed by a crowd in 1789 in the French Revolution becoming an important symbol for the French Republican movement. It was later eventually demolished and replaced by the Place de Bastille, a city plaza which technically straddles the 4th and 12th arrondissements as well as the 11th. This and the immediate surrounding area are generally referred to as the Bastille. The later July Revolution that took place here in 1830 is commemorated by the beautiful Colonne de Juillet (July Column) which stands at the centre of the square. Many concerts and city events are held within the plaza as well as political demonstrations in line with the area’s notable history.

An interesting museum within the district that is not so well known is the Edith Piaf Museum. The singer who’s famously warbly songs ‘La Vie en Rose’ and ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ earned her a place in music history spent her youth in the neighbourhood. This private museum is located in an apartment belonging to a friend of Piaf’s who has written several biographies on her. Basically this is a shrine to her memory and you will discover all kinds of memorabilia tracing her life story from dresses, gold discs, photos, private letters and even a giant teddy bear that belonged to her. The museum is accessed via four flights of stairs so it may not be for everyone. You will also need to call ahead to receive the door entry code in order to get in the front door. This has to be possibly the smallest, most unique and intimate museum in the city. If you are a truly dedicated fan then you might like to travel east to the 20th arrondissement where you will find her final resting place in the incredible Père Lachaise Cemetery. Whilst you are here, why not pay your respects to other historic celebrities including Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde? Hundreds of thousands of international visitors come here every year to explore this intrinsic and rather beautiful piece of Parisian history.

Other locations of note within the 11th arrondissement are the Bastille metro station where you can see actual segments of the original Bastille’s foundations on display, a section of the delightful Canal Saint Martin and the famous Bastille Opera. There also exists a rather unusual museum dedicated to the history of smoking around the world as well as the rather beautiful St Ambroise Church which has a delightful little public garden to enjoy. The north easterly area of the Bastille is particularly busy at night time with its numerous late night bars, clubs and live music venues.

Many more must see sights and attractions are also located within the 11th arrondissement of Paris, making it an area worthy of exploring from one of our La Bastille apartments.

La Bastille must sees

  • Place de la Bastille – where the famous ‘storming of the Bastille’ took place
  • Edith Piaf Museum – a fascinating museum dedicated to the legendary French singer
  • Pere Lachaise Cemetery – the final resting place of iconic figures such as Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde
  • Bastille Opera House – offering an evening of unforgettable entertainment
  • St Ambroise Church – a beautiful place of worship which also features a charming garden area

All of these must see sights and attractions are waiting to be explored and can be found within close proximity to many of our La Bastille apartments.

Place de la Bastille. Paris, France.