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8th Arrondissement apartments

Paris Champs Elysees Area Apartments in the 8th Arrondissement

Choose one of our self-catering apartments in the 8th arrondissement and experience one of Paris’s most popular districts with its chic shopping boulevard and iconic attractions such as Arc de Triomphe. To check apartment availability and prices just fill in the date of your planned short stay to Paris and press search. You will notice the perfect setting of our apartments on Champs Elysees Avenue and Boulevard Haussmann. If you need any further information you can always contact our friendly and professional support team. Below you find our most popular Champs Elysees apartments and a link to all apartments in the 8th arrondissement.

Most popular Champs Eysees apartments

Champs Elysees tips

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport station you have the following option:

  • By RER B train and Metro. The first RER B train of the day leaves the airport at 4:56am and the last at 11:56pm. Take the regular RER B train from the airport station to Chatelet Les Halles station (about 40 minutes). Then walk four minutes to the Chatelet metro station and catch Metro 1 to Franklin D. Roosevelt station which is about half way along Champs Elysees Avenue (about 7 minutes). Total travel time is approximately 55 minutes.

From Orly airport station you have the following option:

  • By Orlyval, RER B train and metro. Take the Orlyval shuttle train service from the airport to Antony station (about 8 minutes). The shuttle service operates every 4 to 7 minutes. Then change onto the RER B train to Chatelet Les Halles station (about 25 minutes). Walk four minutes to the Chatelet metro station and use Metro 1 to get to Franklin D. Roosevelt station (about 7 minutes) – this station is about half way along Champs Elysees Avenue. Total travel time is approximately 40 minutes.

From Gare du Nord train station you have the following option:

  • By metro. Take Metro 4 to Strasbourg- Saint-Denis station (about 3 minutes) and change to Metro 9 for the Franklin D. Roosevelt station (about 12 minutes). Total travel time is approximately 20 minutes.

You can find more travel information and a route planner at

Champs Elysees parking

Most nearby parking options are:

  • Parking Rond Point des Champs Elysees, 3 Avenue Matignon. 80m from Champs Elysees Avenue and 600m from Elysees Palace
  • Parking Etoile Friedland, 31 Avenue Etoile Friedland. 550m from Arc de Triomphe and 250m from Champs Elysees Avenue
  • Parking Place de la Concorde, 6 Place de la Concorde. Right next to Place de la Concorde and 650m from Petit Palais and Grand Palais
  • Parking Haussmann Berri, 164 Boulevard Haussmann. 650m from Champs Elysees Avenue and 1.1km from Arc de Triomphe
  • Parking Francois 1er, 24 Rue Francois 1er. 500m from Grand Palais and 700m from Petit Palais

Champs Elysees tips for food

This central area of Paris where our Champs Elysees apartments are located has plenty of food stores so that you can stock the apartment kitchen and make the best of your self-catering short stay. When you feel like eating out you could try one of the restaurants that we have listed below after hearing great reviews about them.

Champs Elysees food stores:

  • Monoprix, 52 Avenue des Champs Elysees
  • G20, 22 Rue de Chaillot
  • Picard (frozen food store), 3 Rue de la Boetie
  • Franprix, 12 Rue de Surene

Champs Elysees restaurants tips:

  • Epicure, 112 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Top-end French cuisine
  • Alleno Paris, 8 Avenue Dutuit/Pavilion Ledoyen. Three Michelin star and a famous Parisian chef
  • Le Boudoir, 25 Rue du Colisee. This gastropub is a treat
  • Au Bureau, 66 Rue Pierre Charron. A bistro with good quality and reasonably priced food
  • Miss Ko, 49/51 Avenue George V. A great Asian fusion restaurant, includes sushi

Champs Elysees tips for drinks

  • Bugsy’s, 15 Rue Montalivet. Irish pub with a great atmosphere and reasonable prices
  • Buddha-Bar, 8/12 Rue Boissy d’Anglas.  Exotic and chic bar lounge and restaurant
  • Les 110 de Taillevent, 195 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Wine bar with 110 wines to choose from
  • Charlie Birdy-Boetie, 124 Rue de la Boetie. Great after hours pub with music gigs
  • Le Bar Long, 37 Avenue Hoche. The place for an after-work drink with your suit still on

8th Arrondissement – Champs Elysees

The 8th arrondissement of Paris can be found located on what is known as the ‘right bank’ of the beautiful River Seine which flows through the centre of Paris. A major business district, the relatively recent 1999 city census revealed that it employed the largest number of people compared to any other district. It is home to the eponymous shopping street the Champs-Élysées, the nearby austere and iconic Arc de Triomphe and the beautiful Place de la Concorde. The official residence of the President of France is also located within its boundaries.

8th Arrondissement Highlights

The 8th arrondissement is horizontally dissected by one of the world’s most famous shopping streets, the Champs- Élysées. Measuring an incredible 1.18 miles long it is the perfect place to combine window shopping with exercise. You will never tire of the luxury international boutiques, cinemas and delightful cafes that stretch along this beautiful manicured highway. The immaculately clipped horse-chestnut trees that line the street are so typically Parisian and this is of course the perfect place to people watch.

One of the lesser known landmarks of Paris is the giant 75 ft obelisk that stands in the district’s beautiful Place de la Concorde. 3,300 years old, it originally marked the entrance to the Luxor Temple in Egypt along with its twin which remains there to this day. Originally they were both offered as a gift to France in 1829 by Muhammad Ali Pasha, the self-proclaimed Khedive of Egypt at the time. It took four months to escort the first obelisk to France by boat however they never returned to collect their second 280-ton trophy. President François Mitterrand officially denounced any ownership of the second monument in the 1990s as an official gesture towards Egypt. The obelisk was famously adorned with possibly the world’s largest condom in 1993 by ACT-UP, the world-wide AIDS awareness direct action group on 1st December for World AIDS Day.

Be sure to visit the district’s pretty Parc Manceau if you are in need of some quiet solace from the busy city centre. Located immediately north of the Champs Elysees, it has been popular with both locals and visitors to the city since its public opening by Napoleon III in 1861. The park has a less formal feel than the other open spaces in Paris. Take a leisurely stroll around this luscious green city space and discover some unusual statues and a series of beautiful classical follies including an elegant colonnade, pyramid, grotto and a waterfall. If you are travelling with children then they are sure to love the several playgrounds incorporated in the park. The whole site is Wi-Fi enabled and is open daily. Closing time is stretched a little later in the summer months and the nearest metro station is predictably Manceau. Interestingly, the park was the site of the world’s first silk parachute jump in 1797 when André-Jacques Garnerin leapt from a Montgolfier hot air balloon, landing safely to the appreciation of the large crowds that had gathered in the park below.

An area worth while exploring from one of our Champs Elysees apartments!

Champs Elysees must sees

  • Avenue des Champs-Elysees. One of the most prestigious shopping boulevards in Paris
  • Place de la Concorde. The largest square in Paris with fantastic views in every direction
  • l’Arc de Triomphe. A grand arch celebrating Napoleons victories; climb to the top for great views of western Paris
  • Grand Palais. One of Paris’s most recognisable landmarks with an enormous glass roof
  • Petit Palais. Walk through its ornate entrance and see an excellent collection of art work

Find all of these fantastic attractions locally to all of our Champs Elysees apartments.

Place de la Concorde. Paris, France.