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2nd Arrondissement apartments

Paris La Bourse Area Apartments in the 2nd Arrondissement

Regarded as the business district of Paris and home to the city’s stock exchange, the 2nd arrondissement, or La Bourse district as it is also known, boasts an array of must see sights and attractions, such as the fantastic Rue de Richelieu, the charming Rue Montorgueil Market and the impressive Galerie Vivienne, a beautiful covered shopping gallery built in 1823. Below you will find our most popular La Bourse apartments, which vary in size and budget, and a link to all apartments in the 2nd arrondissement.

Most popular La Bourse apartments

La Bourse Tips

Transportation to La Bourse

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport station:

Take the RER B train to Gare du Nord station – these trains depart every 10-20 minutes from just before 5am to just after midnight and have an approximate journey time of 25 minutes.  Once you reach Gare du Nord, you can then take a short 5 minute journey via metro line 4 to Strasbourg-Saint-Denis metro station, which is positioned at the eastern edge of La Bourse district and will link you to the rest of the area’s metro stations.

Total travel time up to 45 minutes.

From Orly airport station:

Take the fast service train to Antony station – these trains depart every 4-7 minutes from just before 6am to 11pm and have an approximate journey time of just 6 minutes.  Next take the RER B train to Denfert-Rochereau Station (an approximate journey time of 17 minutes).  From here you can then take metro line 4 to Strasbourg-Saint-Denis metro station (16 minute journey) which is situated within La Bourse district.

Total travel time up to 50 minutes.

From Gare Du Nord train station:

Take the short 5 minute journey via metro line 4 to Strasbourg-Saint-Denis metro station, which is located at the eastern edge of La Bourse district.  From here you can easily access the rest of the area’s metro stations.

Total travel time up to 15 minutes.

More information relating to routes and timetables can be found at

La Bourse Parking

Nearby parking options available are:

  • Saemes, 1 Rue Léon Cladel – 200m from Rue de Richelieu
  • Vinci Park Services, 40 Rue Dussoubs – 400m from Rue Montorgueil Market
  • VINCi Park – Bourse, Place de la Bourse – 450m from Galerie Vivienne
  • Parking Bonne Nouvelle, 6 Rue d’Hauteville – 200m from Le Grand Rex
  • Vinci Park Services, 149 Rue Saint-Denis – 250m from Jean-sans-Puer Tower

Please be sure to check Google Maps for more information about parking options and car free zones.

La Bourse Tips for Food

Below is a list of several of the food stores which can be found just a short walk away from many of our La Bourse apartments, all of which offer a superb selection of both local and international produce.   Should you wish to take a break from preparing your own meals within our self-catering apartments, we have also created a list of highly recommended local restaurants.

La Bourse food stores:

  • Franprix, 19 Boulevard Poissonnière + 102 Rue Réaumur
  • Monoprix, 4 Rue de la Bourse
  • Naturalia (bio health store), 93 Rue Réaumur
  • Picard, 6 Rue du 4 Septembre

La Bourse restaurant tips:

  • Pur’ – Jean-Francois Rouquette, 5, Rue de la Paix – a superb, traditional French restaurant with a fabulous wine menu
  • Villa Papillon, 15 Rue Tiqutonne – serving mouth-watering Thai and vegetarian cuisine
  • Osteria Ruggera, 35 Rue Tiquetonne – a charming little Italian restaurant
  • Pizza Rossi, 24 Rue Blondel – the best pizzeria in the district
  • Clyde, 36 Rue Vivienne – fantastic American restaurant offering all the classic dishes

La Bourse Tips for Drinks

  • Matamata Coffee Bar, 58 Rue d’Argout – a warm and welcoming place in which to enjoy a good cup of coffee
  • Harry’s New York Bar, 5 Rue Daunou – a fabulous bar boasting a wealth of history
  • Lockwood, 73 Rue d’Aboukir – serving everything from coffee to cocktails
  • Tea Corner, 6 Rue Mandar – a delightful tea room which also serves home-made pastries
  • Coinstot Vino, 26 Passage des Panoramas – offering a superb selection of wines

2nd Arrondissement – La Bourse

Paris’ 2nd arrondissement can be found on what is known as the ‘right bank’ of the city’s stunning River Seine. With its neighbouring 8th and 9th arrondissements the area makes up the city’s important business district. The former stock exchange, Paris Bourse and a number of banking headquarters can also be found here. The smallest of Paris’ arrondissements, it measures less than one square kilometre. A relatively recent (1999) census showed the district to have a population of 19,585 but also the provider of 61,672 jobs giving this area by far the densest concentration of people and business activity in the whole city. Visitors to the 2nd arrondissement are likely to find the Theatre District and surrounding shopping opportunities here far more interesting. You are sure to fall in love with the countless narrow cobbled streets, pretty retail arcades, cafes and exquisite boutiques oozing that classically romantic Parisian atmosphere you no doubt came here in search of.

2nd Arrondissement – La Bourse Highlights

The 2nd arrondissement is home to the Sentier district which was originally known for its textile manufacturing. A few companies remain today but nothing on the scale of its industrious past. The vintage Parisian theatres and concert halls in the nearby lively and very popular Bonne-Nouvelle district have however stood the test of time and continue to entertain the public nightly, so perfect for your evening’s entertainment.

Another success story in the area has to be the impressive number of surviving fabulous glazed retail arcades that originally sprung up at the start of the 19th century as a solution to the predominantly wet and muddy streets of the city. By the middle of the century there were over twenty of these permanently dry and paved enclosures in the city providing a comfortable commercial experience for all who entered. They were often very opulently designed and became representative of high fashion in the city. However once the Paris authorities began to pave and install gas lighting in the streets retail businesses began to move back outside and the popularity of the arcades slowly dwindled. Many of these glamorous buildings sadly did not survive the change and have been lost forever. One of the prettiest surviving examples is Galerie Vivienne which boasts beautiful mosaic floors, elegant architectural archways, grandiose statues as well as some excellent, although rather expensive, restaurants and chic shops. Indeed John-Paul Gaultier opened his very first clothing store here which remains his flag-ship concession today. It is also accompanied by a host of other successful French and international designers. Indeed shopping opportunities feature highly in the list of things to do in the 2nd arrondissement. The fabulous Rue de Richelieu is also worth exploring. It is described by many as the Bond-street of Paris.

Paris’ buildings are arguably more astoundingly beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Few buildings demonstrate this more than the city’s old public library known as Bibliothèque Nationale de France located on Rue de Richelieu. Be sure to take a look at the mammoth reading room which boasts a huge domed ceiling and pretty skylights that somehow also possesses a science-fiction futuristic element to it. The cabinet des Médailles, a collection of over half a million coins and medals and other antiques is also housed in the building and certainly worth a look while you are here.

The 2nd arrondissement boasts many more must see sights and attractions, making it an area definitely worthy of exploring from one of our La Bourse apartments.

La Bourse Must Sees

  • Galerie Vivienne – a stunning, historic covered passageway which is a sight not to be missed
  • Rue de Richelieu – referred to as the Bond Street of Paris
  • Le Grand Rex – the largest cinema and theatre complex in the city
  • Rue Montorgueil Market – one of the most popular street markets in Paris
  • Jean-sans-Peur Tower – a remarkable former palace which dates back to the 1400s

All of these must see sights and attractions, which are just waiting to be explored, can be found within close proximity to several of our La Bourse apartments and are definitely worthy of a visit.

Arches inside the Gallery Vivienne in Paris, France.