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17th Arrondissement apartments

Paris Arc de Triomphe Apartments in the 17th Arrondissement

We offer a wide selection of outstanding properties to fit any taste or budget in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Home to the iconic Arc de triomphe, the 17th eme is one of the wealthiest districts of Paris. You’ll find hundreds of priceless townhouses and upscale eateries, as well as a thriving Bohemian population that imparts some stylish grunge to the otherwise elegant avenues. Countless quintessentially Parisian cafes and a wide variety of nightlife options round out this welcoming district, where there’s always something new to be enjoyed or explored. Below you’ll  find our most popular Arc de Triomphe apartments and a link to all apartments in the 17th arrondissement.

Most popular Arc de Triomphe apartments

Arc de Triomphe tips

Transportation to Arc de Triomphe

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport you have the following options:

  • By RER B Train and Metro. Hop on the RER B Train heading towards Massy-Palaiseau and stop at Gare du Nord. From here, you’ll have the option of walking a few blocks to Metro Line 2, which skirts the southern border of the 17th eme, or taking Metro Line 4 and quickly transferring to Metro Line 3 for more destinations in the Arc de Triomphe district.

From Orly Airport, the easiest option is:

  • RER C Train. From the Rungis-La Fraternelle station just north of Orly Airport, take the RER C Train towards Pontoise. You’ll pass through central Paris and the 16th arrondissement before entering the 17th arrondissement, and you’ll arrive at your destination after approximately 1 hour.

From Gare du Nord, you have the following options:

  • Bus Number 32. Walk to Boulevard de la Magenta and take Bus Number 32 towards Charles de Gaulle – Etoille. The bus passes through the heart of the 17th eme. Estimated trip time: 30 minutes.
  • Metro Lines 4 and 3. Take Metro Line 4 from Gare du Nord towards Maire de Montrouge. Transfer at Reaumur-Sebastopol to Metro Line 3 towards Pont de Levallois-Bacon. Estimated trip time: 30 minutes.

Arc de Triomphe parking

Several convenient options for parking in the 17th arrondissement are:

  • Wagram Arc de Triomphe, 10 rue de l’Étoile, 500m from the Arc de Triomphe
  • Ternes, 4 Avenue des Ternes, 800m from the Arc de Triomphe, 100m from the Ternes metro stop
  • Maillot-Gouvion Saint-Cyr, 26 Boulevard Gouvion Saint-Cyr, 350m from the Boulevard Pereire and 400m from the Le Palais des Congrès
  • Courcelles-Champerret, 210 rue de Courcelles, 300m from the Boulevard Pereire and the Pereire metro stop

Arc de Triomphe tips for food

When you stay in one of our Arc de Triomphe apartments you’ll have no trouble stocking the fridge in your self-catering apartment. You’ll also be surrounded by a wide variety of top-notch restaurants that are sure to offer something for everyone.

Arc de Triomphe food stores:

  • G20, 9 Bis Rue de Montenotte
  • Bio C Bon Acacias (gourmet grocery store), 46 Rue des Acacias
  • Franprix, 56 Rue des Batignolles
  • Monoprix, 43 Avenue de Clichy

Arc de Triomphe restaurant tips:

  • Restaurant Guy Savoy18 rue Troyon. The domain of the world-famous chef deserves its 3 Michelin stars, but expect a price tag to match.
  • Cantina Chic, 14 rue de l’Etoile. An unpretentious and inexpensive (for the neighborhood) eatery serving authentic Italian cuisine.
  • Les Poulettes Batignolles, 10 rue Cheroy. Modern style and inventive cuisine make this cosy bistro a favorite with locals and visitors alike.
  • Olives et Cacahuetes, 46 rue Legendre. An eclectic fusion restaurant that ranks high in quality and customer satisfaction; also serves unique cocktails.
  • Le Bistrot d’Yves33 rue Cardinet. A charming and cosy bistro with a family-run atmosphere serving unforgettable meats and French specialties.

Arc de Triomphe tips for drinks

  • Lush, 16 Rue Dames. Friendly vibes in a pleasantly grungy space with an excellent beer selection.
  • Les Caves Populaires, 22 rue des Dames. Tasty, no-frills food during the day and a lively bar atmosphere at night with a long wine list and plenty of beers to hold your attention.
  • James Joyce Pub, 71 Boulevard Gouvion St. Cyr. A great place to grab a pint and watch the match; also serves English pub food until late.
  • Bar La Vue, 3 Place du Général Kœnig. High on atmosphere (and in price); offers a magnificent view of the city, especially at night.
  • Le Bar Belge75 av Saint Ouen. A beer-drinker’s paradise serving Belgium’s finest liquid exports amidst a friendly crowd of savvy locals.

17th arrondissement – Arc de Triomphe

Located northwest of the city’s famously glamorous shopping street, the Champs Champs-Élysées, the 17th arrondissement is home to some of the wealthiest residents of Paris. Be sure to look upwards at the buildings when exploring the area since some of the city’s most splendid architecture can be found here adorning the luxurious townhouses. You will also find plenty of delightful small hidden city parks and plazas scattered throughout the neighbourhood.

The south western part of the district has something of an up market feel offering a mid to high end shopping experience that would not be out of place on the nearby Champs-Élysées. The north easterly end has an entirely different feel with its bohemian vibe, laid back bars and bistros and upcoming artists’ studios.

Historically the 17th arrondissement was largely a free open space consisting of hunting grounds and the occasional luxury second home for those seeking fresh air and escape from the hustle bustle of the big city. This continued until the 1800s when industrialists transformed the area beyond recognition with the confident expansion of the city.

17th arrondissement Highlights

The southern tip of the 17th arrondissement is marked triumphantly by the iconic Arc de Triomphe. It stands at the centre of possibly the world’s most famous round-about, Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. It honours those who fought and died for France in the Napoleonic and French Revolutionary Wars and remains one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. Measuring an incredible 164 ft in height it dwarfs nearly everything around it. In 1919 to celebrate the end of World War I Charles Godefroy flew his biplane through the 48 ft wide vault and the event was famously captured on newsreel. Beneath the arch lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from World War I. The grave incorporates an eternal flame which burns in memory of those who died in war time unable to be identified. According to legend, the flame has only ever been extinguished once by a drunken Mexican football supporter on the night that France beat Brazil in Paris at the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final.

The 17th arrondissement is home to the fascinating neighbourhood of Batignolles. Traditionally a working class district with a broad ethnic population, today it has also become something of a magnet for trendy young artists in search of affordable work spaces for their creativity. Indeed the painter Édouard Manet came before them in the 19th century using the area as base with his artistic friends to illustrate many scenes from the neighbourhood’s local café culture. Batignolles has gained a reputation as a very chic place to live in the city and the area has much in store for the future. It had hoped to stage the 2012 Olympics here but of course lost the bid to London. Instead the city council has decided to develop the area for housing, retail, schools and other essential public services.

The district’s Place de Clichy is certainly worth a visit while you are in town. Reminiscent of Times Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus with its large advertising billboards and traffic intersections it has remained fairly untouched by town planners over the years and boasts a certain dusty old school Parisian charm. This is also the point in the city where four separate arrondissements, the 8th, 9th, 17th and 18th, meet. More of a misshapen zone than a specific plaza as such, the Place de Clichy is home to some interesting shops, lots of cafes and restaurants as well as a popular cinema.

An area worth exploring from one of our Arc de Triomphe Apartments!

Arc de Triomphe must sees

  • The Arc de Triomphe, marking the city’s famous 12-point intersection, this iconic Arc is a sight from afar, and offers panoramic views from the top.
  • Parc Monceau, a favorite haunt of Claude Monet, is the perfect place for a picnic; also houses an odd collection of miniature “wonders of the world.”
  • Marché des Batignolles, a vibrant covered market, lets you sample and purchase locally sourced, organic produce or strike up a conversation with local growers.

You’ll be just minutes from these fascination sites–and much more–when you stay in any of our Arc de Triomphe apartments!

Arc de Triomphe. Paris, France.