The path of red and white – wine tours in Paris

The path of red and white – wine tours in Paris

If you’re considering a city break in the City of Lights, be prepared for a range of great attractions to choose from. Remember, of course, that no short stay in Paris is ever complete without a proper wine tour, and we’re here to make your choice a bit easier. Come stay with us in one of our beautiful apartments in Paris.

Red, white, and everything in between France is no doubt the largest producer of wine in the world, so the rich selection of all the available chardonnays, merlots and sauvignons. The selection is mind-boggling, so the best thing to do is to take one of the many wine tours and try a bit of everything in one go.

A walk on the left bank of Paris with wine tasting sessions The ‘left bank walking tour’ (featuring an English-speaking guide) is a great option if you wish to take full advantage of the more western part of the city. You will start from the Louvre, cross the Seine river and proceed down to RER Luxembourg metro station. On your way, you’ll be able to see the Pantheon, and of the stops (at the famous Place Saint Germain des Pres, for instance) includes a wine tasting session at a selected authentic Parisian wine bar. The tour lasts around three hours, and it is a time really well spent.

De Vinis Illustribus

This tour is available in the Latin Quarter area of Paris. It is said to be both entertaining and educational, as it features a really impressive amount of highlights. If you decide to go with De Vinis, you’ll be able to taste some of the most amazing wines in a two-floor 17th century wine cellar, as well as to learn how to start an own wine collection, how to drink and taste wine, how to pair different types of wine, and how to serve and enjoy this wonderful beverage best. The price is dependent on the size of the group, the number of wines to be tasted, and – of course – the time of day. Find out more at their website.

Oenodyssee le Paris du Vin

If you need a more ‘mobile’ wine tour, Oenodyssee is the option to go for. Not only do they offer a solid portion of wine-oriented insights in the form of wine games or seminars, but they also provide you with a unique chance to take part in some splendid wine-tasting evening events, dinners combined with wine training, as well as walking wine rallies through the streets of Paris, and trips to small vineyards of the city – like the ones you will find on Montmartre, for instance. Learn more here  (French only).

O Chateau

Now this is something you have to try. O Chateau seems to specialize in wine tasting activities for an international audience, so even with limited knowledge of French you’ll be able to enjoy their offer to the max. Apart from the rather obvious wine tasting sessions, they serve a Champagne Cruise along the river of Seine, during which you may enjoy the refreshing taste of the original ‘fizz’. Learn more here.